Here in my hometown of Baltimore, we are very passionate about the foods that are indigenous to this area. Crab cakes, Berger cookies, pit beef sandwiches, snowballs topped with marshmallow creme….all of these foods bring out the bitchbaby in anyone that moves away from the area, and then whines that they can’t find these things anywhere else. And don’t even try to find an acceptable substitute for a big pile of Maryland steamed crabs somewhere else. Crabs steamed outside of Maryland will be more like a big steaming pile of something else.

One of the simplest and innocuous offerings from Baltimore is what we call Lemon Sticks. They are a spring and summertime treat, sold at street fairs, especially the Baltimore Flower Mart on the mean, cobblestone streets of downtown. Seriously, can streets be mean and cobblestone at the same time? Doesn’t that seem unlikely? The only meanness I have experienced on a cobblestone street is trying to cross one, after too many glasses of wine, while wearing heels. Now, that was mean.