Australian Shiraz has had a tough time of it lately. Many fine and historic wines have been pushed to the back burner as inexpensive private labels designed for the American Market have captured an ever increasing share of the demand for Shiraz. It's a shame that people have painted Shiraz with such a broad brush since these wines offer value that is hard to compete with!

Shiraz is Australia's most popular red wine and has a history in the country that goes back over 175 years. That history and popularity must mean something. Old Bridge Cellars is so convinced that you'll come to love these wines as much as we do that they are offering the Snooth community an amazing introductory offer - buy any 3 bottles and receive 25% off your order. Try 6 bottles and the discount jumps to 33%. Just enter your exclusive discount code when you check out: Snooth3pack if you're ordering 3 bottles or Snooth6pack if you are ordering 6 bottles. With prices like these Shiraz might just become your favorite wine too!