As we spend time this summer exploring new wine regions it’s worth pointing out that these endeavours need not be expensive. Of course some of the best discoveries are those that are easy on the wallet. Wines that over deliver at their price points and expand our understanding, and enjoyment of the fruit of the vine. Case in point: the Languedoc.

We may all have some idea of what comes from this region in south west France, but it can only be somewhat of a vague idea. You see the Languedoc stretches over some 16,000 square miles and includes within its borders a wide variety of appellations, some of which also include a rather wide variety of wines and styles.. And to add another layer of confusion there is also a straight Languedoc AOC. Today I can’t say that I will clear up much of the confusion, but that is not my point. The first step in presenting these wines is to make you want someone to clear up the confusion with!