Cocoa, spice and leather greet the nose along with rather intense wild berry and chocolate covered pomegranate seed notes. This shows a hint of sweetness on entry and delivers a nice blend of vivid plum and sweet raspberry flavors wrapped in well judged milk chocolaty oak. Very easy drinking with well balanced structural elements, this is round and friendly with nice nuanced blackberry and herb notes adding a touch of detail on the backend and through the modest, fruity, and slightly tacky finish which reveals some tart apple flavors. 86pts
Fresh, smoky and somewhat soil driven on the nose with aromas of rocky earthy  layered under the core of tart red and herbal fruit with hints of thyme, sage, and bay leaf. Smooth and very easy drinking in style, this enters the mouth with nice wild raspberry fruit and shows a hint of  wood spice adding some depth on the palate and a bit of a tannin base, though this is a bit more driven by acid in the mouth. The fruit remains very red currant, tart and fresh with a hint of vanilla and those lovely spice notes driving the modest finish. Fresh and very approachable with some carob and cherry flavors emerging on the finish. 86pts
Rather fruity on the nose with a tarry top note to the candied aromas of dates and prunes that are wrapped up in vanilla and bay leaves. Round, plum and fruity in the mouth this has very soft tannins and integrated acidity helping to support a mouth filling exuberance of fruit. The initial attack drops off on the backend which remains very fruity but turns a bit more perfumed with jammy blackberry and mulberry aromas and a bit of black cherry pie.  The wine drops off quickly on the finish leaving one with some soft wood tannins and lingering wood spice. Very popularly styled. 84pts
Fresh and jammy at the same time with lots of bright wild cherry fruit tones, some intermediate green anise seed notes, and finally plenty of creamy vanilla oak aromas in the glass. In the mouth this is a simple ball of relatively fresh red fruit. the tannins are almost nonexistent, and the acidity enough to keep this feeling fresh in the mouth. There’s some nice nuance in the mouth with hints of fresh and dried herbs and some woody top notes, but this is basically just a bowl of fresh red fruits with little finish save a bit of woody astringency. 83pts
Sweet and smoky on the nose with a gentle green herbal base note under attractive black currant and red cherry fruit all topped with rather spicy oak. Light and fresh, if relatively heavily laden with oak on entry. This is a bit rough around the edges with plenty of wood tannin throwing the wine a bit out of balance. the fruit is fresh with hints of licorice and and spice, but the berry tones are layered under the wood. The finish is short and a bit dry with wood tannin. Smells better than it tastes with tart red fruit appearing on the raw finish. 80pts