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Argentine Cabernet Sauvignon Though Argentina is well known for their Malbec, they are much less so for other grapes that might be worthy of equal fame. With vast swaths of land suitable for the cultivation of wine grapes, finding more than Cabernet should not come as a surprise to anyone. Still, what might be surprising is the emerging Argentine style.

While it can be beneficial to be known for a particular grape or style, it is somewhat discomfiting to see the homogenization of wines. Argentina has found great success with Malbec, particularly with Malbec produced in a rich, bold, fruit forward style. Whether this style translates well to Cabernet for Argentina has yet to be seen, and is for the market to decide. To my palate, many Argentine Cabernets are sacrificing their Cabernet-ness to this Argentine style.

Photo courtesy Wanaku via Flickr/CC

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    I enjoyed the BenMarco. Unfortunately don't get to taste a lot of Argentine Cab these days.

    Sep 23, 2011 at 8:18 AM

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