We have a bottle of Schloss-Johannisberg on the counter in the kitchen, waiting for a special occasion. We’ll often sit at the table and discuss France and Italy, but the truth is, while that legendary German Riesling sits on the counter and we dream of far off Burgundy and Piemonte, we are living in suburban Long Island, NY.

For me, my favorite wine itinerary is a simple 60-mile drive to the end of the Long Island Expressway: The North Fork of Long Island. Once you exit the expressway, it is farmland and then more farmland with outlet stores and strip malls to cleanse the palate (or empty the wallet) as you drive along to Route 25.

Nestled between the beaches on the far east of Long Island, our local wine vineyards are producing some good wine. One great thing about tasting locally is that it is so close to home, you aren’t pressed to taste everything produced, you can always “taste seasonally”: Fresh crisp whites in the hot summer months, and rich complex reds on the fall/winter, these vineyards are open year-round with over 20 wineries and vineyards on over 3,000 acres of grapes on the North Fork. For a day trip, or a short overnight, you have endless choices.