An Interview with Jacques Lardiere

After his 42nd and final vintage with Domaine Louis Jadot, Jacques has not lost any of his passion


Jacques Lardiere of Domaine Louis Jadot has been one of the most fascinating and enthusiastic winemakers to represent Burgundy. Under his guidance for the last 42 years, the wines of Jadot have moved from strength to strength, always reaching their peaks.

Sadly, this past vintage was to be his final bottling with Jadot. There comes a time when everything must end. While Jacques is moving on from Jadot, his love of wine and all its secrets and nuances lives on as strong as ever.

Jacques's accent is quite strong, so part of this interview can be a little difficult to follow, but it's worth taking the time to listen to what one of the masters of Burgundy has to say.

Vineyards and Vintages

Jacques discusses the qualities of vintages and vineyards that make great wines, with a fascinating discussion of climate change and how it may impact the wines and vineyards of Burgundy.

Vintage Character

Some inside information on some of the lesser known vintages of Burgundy. These are vintages that perhaps don't get the critical acclaim of others, but are still not to be ignored. Jacques explains why, with interesting points about vintage character and how the maturation of the wine can work in harmony. 

Value in Burgundy

Looking for value in Burgundy? You can look for the lesser vineyards in great vintages or better vineyards in lesser vintages. Jacques gives some advice to get every wine lover started in Burgundy. 

Critics and Consumers

In this clip, Jacques talks about wine critics and consumers, how they see wine differently and what it means or doesn't mean to a producer. We follow up with a conversation regarding the aging of Burgundy and the problem of premature oxidation of white Burgundies that is baffling producers and consumers alike. 

The Final Word

We wrap things up with Jacques and pull some of the disparate threads of our conversation together. It was a fascinating and lively discussion, one I am not likely to soon forget.

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