Alexander Valley Vineyards has always been a great source for delicious, well-balanced, expressive Cabernet Sauvignon.  I finished my last bottle of the 1986 this past December and it remains fresh, complex and vibrant. That quality, however, is not limited to their Cabernet.  Quality across the board is terrific here and the wines are priced for consumers, not collectors. The fact that the Wetzel family, AVV’s proprietors, planted some of the earliest vineyards in Alexander Valley gives them an advantage over many of their neighbors. They were able to get some exceptional vineyard locations, and at 1962 prices, based on the going rate for prune orchards and pastures, they were a bargain.

The Wetzel family has been a great custodian of these lands, utilizing the green practices of sustainable farming, and have built Alexander Valley Vineyards into an important member of Sonoma’s wine community. With 11 varieties of estate grown fruit they are able to offer a complete portfolio of interesting and enticing wines.

Among their portfolio one finds the trio of Zinfandels: Temptation, Sin Zin and Redemption.