LangeTwins is a big player in the Lodi wine seen, primarily as grape farmers on 7,200 acres of vineyards but also as a winery producing premium wines from their sustainably farmed vineyards. Founded in 2006, it is another winery that fits the Lodi model; family owned (yes there are Lange twins), with a long family history of farming in the region, and begun with the purpose of showing prospective clients of their grape growing operations the full potential of Lodi’s fruit.


Unlike many wineries in the region, LangeTwins started out with big ambitions, building a winery that can handle up to 40,000 tons of fruit, though they are far from capacity at this point. Building from scratch gave the family the opportunity to plan for the future, which is why the winery is so large, and at the same time allowed them to innovate during construction, including solar arrays that supply nearly all of their electrical needs and water reclamation ponds in the original designs.


The wines from LangeTwins sort of represent the state of Lodi’s wine industry, straddling the more traditional wines of the region, in their easy drinking, fruit-forward style, while reaching for wines of great complexity and depth. Like the region they are not quite there yet, but the effort is obvious.  


2012 LangeTwins Sangiovese Rose 11%


Cherry fruit on the nose carries a slight medicinal edge and a fine herbal quality with just a hint of ginseng spice to it. This is a little sweet in the mouth, though with high balancing acids in a fruity style that features full on red berry fruit with a high acid finish that shows watermelon and cherry candy flavors. This should be very popular with its fruit-driven style. 85pts


2011 LangeTwins Sauvignon Blanc

Musque clone, 100% SS, sur lee,

A little leesy on the nose with aromas of musk melon, pumpkin, and a slight grassy background note. This is bright and fresh in the mouth with a palate full of light, melony and citrus pith fruit that shows a little creamy lessiness on the back end and finishes with simple, fresh, clean fruit. 85pts


2010 LangeTwins Malbec


Fairly oaky and charry on the nose with aromas of black spices, sweet ginger, vanilla, and a little burnt sugar covering the low core of jammy but anonymous fruit with minty, rosemary top notes. This is very linear and focused on the palate, but it lacks some mid palate depth. The soft tannins and nice acids support small-scaled mulberry and spicy black cherry fruit that really picks up on the moderately long finish. 84pts


2009 LangeTwins Midnight Reserve $30

18 months in French oak

Lots of wood on the nose nearly overwhelming the hints of some sour fruit and a little tomato paste accent. This enters the mouth round and juicy with a soft feel, the tannins build on the palate, fine grained and small but dry with a bit of a woody feel supporting black berry fruit which gains a touch of plum, some sour black cherry, and a hint coffee on the modest finish. This is rather raw and shows lots of fruit tannins as well with a little bit of heat on the finish. Should come together but today it’s a bit disjointed. 87pts