Food Friendly & Fabulous:
Bollinger Rosé - if I had to choose one rosé champagne to drink for life, this might be the one. It can go from aperitif to a flavorful meal like duck. But it would also be ideal with turkey with classic sides. Can’t go wrong. 
Deep Pink (and Organic):
One of the first organic producers in southern Champagne is the small, family-run house of Fleury. Their rosé is a beautifully balanced and richly satisfying food-rosé with surprisingly deep color. 
Farmers Fizz:
The positive trend for grower champagne is very exciting to a champagne lover. They are harder to find but pack personality to make the chase worthwhile. Prime rosé wines come from growers such as Savart, Marguet and Chartogne-Taillet. Note that the low dosage (sugar) in these make it more important to avoid an overly sweet cranberry sauce or sugar in the preparation of the dishes as any sweetness will make the champagnes seem sour.
Wildly Luxurious:
Roederer Cristal Rosé - to disguise a seriously overcooked bird. Nobody will pay attention to the food. Actually, just skip the turkey and family celebration all together and hide with this bottle and your true love or best bud. It’s amazing.
American Classics:
Sure, California Champagne isn’t really champagne - it’s a sparkling wine. Doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious! Domaine Carneros is one of the first bubble producers in California and partially owned by the Champagne family Taittinger. The rosé from Carneros is well worth a spot on your holiday table with round, fruity notes of wild strawberry, nice, small bubbles and fresh acidity. 
The Budget Bird Beverage:
Because of the labour involved in making quality bubbly (and rosé even more so), any sparkler under 10 USD won’t be structured enough for your holiday table. If you need a budget alternative, pass on the prosecco and look for a quality crémant (a French sparkling wine made with the same method as champagne). 
Langlois Crémant de Loire Rosé - the house of Langlois in Loire has big limestone cellars where their crémant rests before release. They are also owned by Bollinger and seem to have access to the know-how.
Photo Credit: Novostimira