Thanksgiving for all intents and purposes has arrived. Sure there's some last minute shopping you might have to do but the guests are invited, the menu is planned, the table setting prepared and the wine purchased. Right?

Well if not you have tons of suggestions ranging from the more traditional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which continue to be quite appropriate even when faced with the au courant notion that the wine you choose doesn't make a difference, just drink what you like. Which, as felicitous as that sounds, and as easy as that might make my job, is a silly stance for someone whose job it is to pair wines with food. Just tell us you don't want to write yet another Thanksgiving pairing article and be done with it. You might make people feel good about their choices but you're not really helping them make better choices when you adopt this stance.

That's what i want to do; help you make better choices. It's a little late in the game for specific wine recommendations but here's an easy guide to what works and why with your upcoming Thanksgiving feast! Now you can go to the store and buy what you like!