Well if now is not the moment for enjoying a few roses I don't know what is. Yes there are tons of people out there who will argue that roses are great year round, but let's be honest,  they're better when it's 90 degrees out; trust me on this.

Of course there are roses, and there are roses. Some are light, fresh and elegant while others may be rich, meaty and dense, and don't get me started on the residual sugar that many of these wines carry on their sleeves, not that I have a problem with residual sugar per se. I do however have a problem with not knowing how sweet a wine may be until after I've openinged it. Here's a suggestion, add the sweetness level to your labels people. I bet it will increase sales as it makes it easier for people to find what the like when they want it! 

I found some lovely wines in this case, so check out my reviews for an idea about what the wines are like but don't miss the video where I discuss how to take advantage of the variety of styles roses have to offer.