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With time running short, have you figured out what you’ll be buying the wine lovers on your list?
We’ve made plenty of suggestions for specific wines from $25 to $50, $50 to $75, $75 and above, and a whole variety of price points as well. Clearly, there’s a lot to choose from.
Of course wine may not be the perfect gift for the wine geek. We’re picky and awfully particular about the wines we like to buy, but there are still options! If you didn’t find anything compelling among the glassware and decanter suggestions we’ve made recently, consider some of today’s suggestions.
They run the gamut from corkscrews to subscriptions, with all manner of gifts in-between, each perfect for some wine lover out there!

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The Basics

I go through a lot of corkscrews in a year. They seem to just evaporate off my desk, so I’m always on the lookout for one that is well-made, well-designed, and well-priced. The trusty Trudeau has been my go-to corkscrew for years, always coming through for me with its grooved screw (for extra grabbing power) and solid design.
Find it on Amazon for $14

The Connoisseur’s Choice

Old corks have always presented a problem for wine lovers, as they frequently crumble and fall into the bottle.  The traditional solution was to use an Ah-so twin tined corkscrew that grabbed the cork from the sides for extraction, which solved the problem of crumbling corks but managed to simply push too many loose corks into bottles. The solution is the Durand, a combination corkscrew that uses a screw to grab hold of the cork, and an Ah-so to remove it intact. It’s an elegant and remarkably effective tool that should be in any wine connoisseur’s arsenal.
Find it at TheDurand.com for $125

A Differing Opinion

Much of what wine writers write about is so consistently in step with the wine industry that it could be considered boring as well. The alarmist reactions to imagined adversaries, the threat from on high, and on nigh. It all gets to be a little too much sometimes.
But if you like going over the top now and again, and you’re looking for a truly different take on wine, check out Alice Feiring’s new newsletter. Never one to shy away from controversy, or creating some when one might come in handy, Alice’s voice is a counterpoint to much of the established mainstream wine media. Her brand new newsletter is worth taking a look at for those who want to learn about and understand some of the wines that don’t always get their fair due.
Find it at AliceFeiring.com for $65/10 issues

The Bordeaux Bible

With the continued prominence of Bordeaux, driven by the explosion of interest coming from the East these days, it’s worth revisiting a great resource: The Complete Bordeaux.
While Bordeaux may not enjoy the market share it once had in the states, it remains the world’s most important commercial wine hub. It is a fascinating place rich with history, culture, and of course fabulous wines.
Find it at Amazon for $38


Speaking of history, Inventing Wine traces the history of wine, with special attention given to some of the pivotal moments in history. It chronicles the move from an accidental beverage through the revolutions in aesthetics and hygiene, to the modern day when visionary winemakers are helping to define entire genres of wine around the globe.  This is beach reading for the wine geek!
Find it Amazon for $18

The Forgotten

Much like Bordeaux, the Australian wine industry has undergone a significant change in their US market share over the past decade, for many of the same reasons. Australia is set for a comeback, with wines that are better than ever, even though there remain too many fruit bombs for my palate. The point here is not the fruit bombs per se, but the incredible range of wines that Australia produces today.
It’s all too easy to dismiss the wines of Australia out of hand, but to do so would be a blunder of epic proportions. Check out The History of Australian wines, then take a fresh new look at where Australian wines are today. I think you’ll be in for a surprise!
This may not arrive in time for Christmas, but it’s a gift I would be happy to wait for.
 Find it on Amazon for $32

The Bomb

No, literally, if you drop this on someone you’re likely to obliterate them, so carry this tome carefully. This is the must-have gift of the 2012 season, a guide to all the grapes you’re familiar with, and many that you’re not.
Learn the genealogical trees that produced the great varieties of flavors and texture we get from today’s wine grapes, and learn more about the unique characteristics of each.  This is 1280 pages and 6.8 pounds of wine geek heaven!
Find it on Amazon for $110

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