5 Champagne Cocktails

The best way to add spirits to your sparklers


If you're in the some-things-are-best-left-alone camp, we get it. You don't exactly have to be a wacky, die-hard fundamentalist to feel that Champagne cocktails are unnecessary; given a lovely flute filled with even the most straightforward sparkling wine, it's easy to make the argument. But here's one of the glorious things about a bottle of Champagne: You don't have to choose. Start out sipping it straight, and then break out those mixers and gild that lily.

Once you've mastered the Bellini, the French 75, and the Death in the Afternoon, spare some bubbles for the sparkling mojito and these other Champagne concoctions.
Chandon Pom Fizz

1/2 oz Grand Marnier Liqueur
1/2 oz Pomegranate juice
2 to 3 oz Chilled sparkling wine
Strip of orange peel

Pour the Grand Marnier and pomegranate juice into a sparkling wine flute. Fill the glass to the top with the sparkling wine. Twist the orange peel over, drop it in the glass, and serve at once.

Black Velvet

1 part Guinness stout
1 part Brut Champagne

Fill an empty Collins glass part-way with a Guinness (or other stout beer), top with Champagne. Stir.

Air Mail

2 oz Amber rum
1/2 oz Fresh Lime juice
1 teaspoon honey
5 oz Champagne

Combine the rum, lime juice, and honey in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Stir, the pour into a collins glass. Add Champagne.

Champagne Mojito

3 oz Brut Champagne
4 Sprigs fresh spearmint
3 tsp Superfine sugar
2 tbsp Fresh lime juice
1 lime wedge

In a bar mixing glass, muddle the mint with the lime juice and sugar. Add Champagne, stir, and strain into a Champagne flute.

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  • Snooth User: Nicki Gig
    Hand of Snooth
    178306 4,217

    That Chandon Pom Fizz sounds amazing - yum!

    Sep 17, 2010 at 10:10 AM

  • Snooth User: Gregory Dal Piaz
    Hand of Snooth Voice of Snooth
    89065 238,748

    Black velvet is a great way to end a night, something smooth, cold, and not terribly alcoholic. Perfect for the last hour out!

    Sep 17, 2010 at 10:41 AM

  • Snooth User: Carly Wray
    Hand of Snooth Voice of Snooth
    196958 864

    I have to agree. The Black Velvet sounds dreadful, but somehow, it works.

    Sep 17, 2010 at 10:57 AM

  • Snooth User: Gregory Dal Piaz
    Hand of Snooth Voice of Snooth
    89065 238,748

    It's like some sort of mystic restorative. It has saved me on more than one occasion.

    Sep 17, 2010 at 11:10 AM

  • Snooth User: christo93
    364857 14

    I'm surprised that the St. Germaine cocktail was not cited... nor the bellini or kir royale... I like 4 parts prosecco, 2 parts limoncello, i part Dimi with a dash of Bitter Truth Grapefruit bitters and a twist of lemon.

    Sep 17, 2010 at 1:51 PM

  • Snooth User: mkmadhok
    144035 2

    How about cocktails made from ingrdients that are available in a regular household where one does not have to do ingredient hunting!

    Sep 19, 2010 at 1:25 AM

  • Snooth User: ivano28
    428743 4

    Your articles are always a source of inspiration, i will try the champagne mojito!

    Sep 30, 2010 at 2:35 PM

  • Snooth User: alai
    596797 21

    I promise to try them all !

    Oct 01, 2010 at 11:17 AM

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