• Tuscany: Behind the Producers

    Now that you know about where comes from and how it is made, you’re probably anxious to taste some of it for yourself. But since Tuscan wines can be tricky...

  • Cherry Bomb

    It's a bit of a time machine. Adding a bottle of maraschino liqueur to your home bar opens the door to long-forgotten cocktails, the ones served before...

  • Blending In

    The blender gets a bad rap. Many a mixologist won't allow the appliance behind their bar, thanks to its association with neon-colored slushes, dispensed en...

  • A Day with Luigi Pira

    This past May I made sure to visit Luigi Pira, particularly in light of the brilliant showing of his 1998 Barolo Marenca in a recent vertical tasting. While...

  • The Real Dirt

    There's a version of Scott Elder and Stephanie LaMonica's story that goes like this: A young, restless couple falls in love with wine, and sets out for the...

  • Sangiovese: Behind the Varietal

    You can’t talk about Tuscan wine without mentioning the region’s famed grape, Sangiovese. Derived from the Latin phrase “sanguis Jovis” (meaning...

  • Hair of the Dog

    It's the great equalizer, really. The morning hours don't care whether you started last night with a Manhattan or a martini, a tequila shot or a g&t. They're...

  • Riding Out of Santa Rosa

    Any visit to Sonoma wouldn’t be complete without a look at some of the truly iconic regions, and the Russian River Valley certainly qualifies. This rather...

  • Wine 101: Understanding Wine Labels 2

    Last week I began to tease out the information contained in one not-so-simple little sentence. It's a fairly typical example of a good, informative wine...

  • National Tequila Day

    Raise your glass, let's make a toast. Here's to the margarita, frozen or on the rocks, the savior of happy hours and hot days from coast to coast. Here's to...

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