2012 Cocktail Trend Predictions

What will be hot this year?


As the New Year begins, lists start to pop up all over the web, filling us in on the hot trends of the year past and those to emerge in the year to come.

Many of these tend to focus on fashion and food, with the two becoming ever more interchangeable as foodie dining becomes more and more "in fashion" itself. With that growth in novelty eating, the popularity of unique cocktails and liquors is growing as well.

As we enter 2012, this interest in more peculiar and novel liquors will continue to grow, bringing along with it plenty of new cocktail trends. Of the possibilities, we've put together a list of those which we feel are sure to catch on in 2012.

Read on for our six cocktail trend predictions for the New Year and let us know what other drinks you see gaining popularity in the near future.

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Aged Tequilas

2011 was the year of aged whiskeys and rums, and we see aged tequila following suit. With the popularity of barrel aging increasing across the board, these aged, more flavorful tequilas are sure to make their mark on the market during 2012.

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Barrel Aged Whiskeys

On that note, these finer whiskeys will continue to gain popularity through 2012 as more media hone in on that which was building toward the end of 2011.

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Liquors on Tap

Over the past year, a number of restaurants and bars have begun to feature wine on tap. The trend is expanding, with vermouth, gin and pre-made cocktails all starting to be offered on tap at various bars around the country.

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Infused Alcohols

With the popularity of flavored liquor still high, more bars will be creating their own home-infused alcohols to serve both in cocktails and over ice. Look for interesting combinations of these flavors as well.

Photo courtesy A Strakey via Flickr/CC


As shown in our Booze and Weight Loss article, bitters are a great way to add a bit of flavor to a cocktail without overloading on calories. For both this and their more interesting use in unique drink recipes, bitters-based cocktails will gain popularity through 2012.

Photo courtesy star5112 via Flickr/CC

Craft Beer

The Wall Street Journal recently stated that despite overall national beer sales dropping in 2011, the sale of craft beer has risen by 16.4%. This increase looks to be a promising trend that will continue over the course of the next year.

Photo courtesy NewBrewThursday via Flickr/CC

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