Burgundy. We’re talking rarified ground, even hallowed ground to some. But there is hope for even the common man when it comes to Burgundy, though admittedly not much. If you’re searching for values in Burgundy, you have three options: so-called off vintages; lesser-known regions, such as Savigny and Mercurey; or négociants.

I recently gave an overview of the value négociants to bring to the table and touched on Domaine Drouhin at that point. Today I am enjoying a mini tasting of another négociants line-up. A tease of 2009 as it were, with 6 half-bottles from the esteemed Maison Louis Jadot. What are these wines telling me about the vintage and more importantly, about the wines? Let’s take a look and see.    

The 2009 Burgundy vintage is just hitting the shelves and with much fanfare. This much-anticipated vintage has all the hallmarks of a great vintage, but may in fact have benefitted a bit too much from the weather, making the wines immediately appealing but maybe a bit less profound with time.