There’s no doubt that in many markets Bordeaux is hot once again. Given the amazing media hype of the 2009 and 2010 vintages, it might be easy to forget the situation the Bordelaise were facing late in 2008. Not only was the world’s economy melting down in just about every traditional fine wine market, but Bordeaux had just come off its 2005 high with a less acclaimed 2006 vintage, and the downright problematic 2007.  

The growing season of 2008 didn’t promise much hope. It featured, with the exception of July, a very cool, damp growing season. The vines suffered because of it, enduring bouts of rot, mildew and finishing out the summer in an un-ripe state packed full of the easily available water. The Bordelaise had but one hope, a long Indian Summer. Lo and behold, with just such a summer they were blessed.

Photo courtesy filtran via Flickr/CC