I've gotten a lot of flack for some of my opinions about these 2007 Bordeaux. While there certainly are many poor 2007s, the vintage is not a complete wash-out. It really depends a bit on what a person is looking for. 2007 Bordeaux, at their worst, exhibit bitter unripe tannins and dominant, green vegetal flavors, but is there more to this vintage?

In fact, some wineries managed to make some pretty good wines. Those wines exhibit some vegetal tones along with good red fruit flavors in a medium bodied fresh style. It's a style of Bordeaux I can recall from 20 years ago. Many, heck even most folks think Bordeaux has made great progress since then, churning out vintage after vintage of rich, flamboyant, fruity wines, but to me, many of these wines lack both the complexity and elegance that Bordeaux once delivered.

Now, I will be the first to admit that the overall quality of Bordeaux is higher than ever, but that came at a cost, and that cost can generally be described as a loss of distinguishing traits between the wines.