Wines Scoring 5/10

2007 Terre da Vino Essenze Multi commune blend - sweet nose, cola and wood spice, some herb and cherry fruit, light on entry, nice feel, small scaled but with good balance, some nice fruit, a touch dull but tastes like Barolo, simple 5

2007 Terre del Barolo - more cola, more herb, some hints of nice fruit but pretty sweet and ‘important’ smelling, nice entry, good focus, not much follow through, softish tannins, bright acids, light fruit and woody finish 5

2007  Le Strette Novello Barolo - oily, smoky, a bit seedy, some dark fruits, fairly well made, round, nice acidity, good tannin base, a bit austere, dry hollow finish, not a lot of flavor, a bit stripped feeling, really pretty heavy on the finish 5

2007 Mantaribaldi Borzoni Gallo Grinzane - stinky, fecal, leather,  rather light in the mouth, lean, not much flavor at the moment some nice dark seed notes and dark yet weirdly acidic fruits, dry finish, a bit short, some rust 5

2007  Bel Colle Verduno - a bit flat, asphalty, soily,  light and easy on the palate, fresh, Nebbiolo d’alba like, dry simple finish, a bit mineral, hard acid on finish, 5

2007  Giuseppe Nada Barolo - jammy and toast, extracted, volatile, very black cherry, a little minty, a bit flat in the mouth, soft tannins, soft acids, some fruit here, a bit clumsy and boring, short extracted finish, some rosehip notes, 5

2007 Bric Cenciurio  Coste de Rose Barolo  smoky, dark, heavy, a bit hot, broad and loose in the mouth, not much center but framed with nice bitter cherry fruit, balanced if a bit extracted, a bit bitter on the finish with lots of tightly grained tannins, popsicle stick like 5

2007  Marchese di Barolo Cannubi Barolo - leafy, candied, intense, toasty spicy wood, licorice, flat in the mouth, pretty lifeless, bitter, a bit extracted, not much going on, drying finish, compressed 5

2007 Michle Chiarlo Cannubi Barolo - bright, fruity and lightly spicy, but not intense with building sweetness, a bit flat on entry broad, lacks some freshness, candied medicinal flavors, dull,  drying, compressed, wood tannin 5

2007 Gianni Gaglirdo Cannubi Barolo - brothy, candied medicinal, old skool, nicely aromatic and herbal, cool and compressed on entry, nice freshness, ripe tannins, good acid, low intensity flavors, interesting but??? Finish is already dried out 5

2007 Serio & Battista Borgogno Cannubi Barolo -brewed vegetables, vegetable soup, earthy, flat in the mouth, some nice bitter berry fruit, vegetal in the mouth as well, not sweet vegetal, tough on the backend, a bit inky, tough finish, dry as dust 5

2007  Boroli Cerequio Barolo - not very pronounced aromatically,  candied and a bit herbal, flat in the mouth, softish tannins, decent acids, some simple fruit flavor, like an aged Nebbiolo, simple and boring, plenty of tannins 5

2007  Brezza Bricco Sarmassa Barolo - nice depth to the fruit, a bit dark and savory, fresh on entry a bit lifeless, nice tannins, fruit seems a bit tired, falls flat on the backend, nice savory quality, dry, tired finish, fruit lacks freshness 5

2007 Franceso Rinaldi Le Bruante La Morra - very liquory, fleshy, meaty, a bit of extracty cola tones, a bit loose, flat, nice tripe tannins, bit of bitterness, a bit low intensity flavors, nice spot of savory fruit, a bit bitter on finish as well, good length, a bit tannic, 5

2007 Domenico di Elio Filippino Castiglione Falletto - a bit earthy, savory root, beet root, angelica root, a bit loose, soft tannins, easy style, decent fruit flavors, dried out, simple 5

2007 Giacosa Fratelli Vigna Mandorla Castiglione Falletto - intense floral and  aromatic herb character with some sweet cocoa edge,  flat, boring, some dried out bovrilly, extracted fruit, dried out character on the finish 5

2007 Tenuta Montanello Castilione Falletto -  light herbal notes, a bit chemical, loose, easy fresh, not a lot of flavor, light fruit tones, some wood and some soil, leafy tones, simple, refreshing 5

2007 Boroli Villero Castiglione Falleto - Bovril and bubblegum, flat, loose, cooked out , seems really old, has some faint echoes of fruit with nothing really wrong but no reason to want to drink this 5

Wines Scoring 4/10 and Lower

2007 Terre da Vino Paesi Tuoi Grinzane Cavour Castiglione Falletto -  -  a little acetic, chemical, cola, oddly jammy but not fruity, light flavors, sort of extracted tannins feel, bitter, generic candy 4

2007 Giacomo Grimaldi Le Coste Barolo - indistinct, candied, dark, spicy, wood, cinnamon candy flat, a bit of brewed coffee, low intensity, uninteresting, something sticky on the finish 4

2007 Virna Borgogno Cannubi Boschis Barolo -stewy, woody, candied and a bit cabbagy, dead in the mouth, coffee toned fruit, soft acid, moderate tannins, no real appeal in the flavor profile 4

2007  Marchese di Barolo Sarmassa Barolo - spicy, dried strawberry, a bit sharp, flat, bright acids, stiff tannins, hollow some nice flavors but really not well anchored, weird disjointed and almost unpleasant 4

2007 Livia Fontana Castiglione Falletto - a little passion fruit,  sauv blanc like, flat, a bit biter, a bit medicinal, really innocuous, canned orange juice, 4

2007 Cavalier Bartolomeo Solnotto Altesasso Castiglione Falleto - deep, smoky, jammy fruit, spicy wood, smells like a cigarette put out on a shingle, a bit slick then glassy, extracty, dense, slightly bitter flavors, powerful, disjointed, hot 4

2007 Cascina Adelaide Pernanno Castiglione Falletto - not really oaky but I don’t smell much else, loose, indistinct, a bit heavy, boring 5

2007 Franco Conterno Vigna Pugnane Castglione Falletto - whack, totally candied and confected and chemical trifecta! flat, wow, extracted tannic water, over stepped tea 3