Wines Scoring 6/10

2007 Gianni Gagliardo Serre Multi Commune Blend - smoky, diesel, chemical notes on the nose over nice fruit and chalk, weirdly tarry, touch sweet up front, then acid helps to balance, broad in the mouth, a touch soft almost, dark, slightly pruny, choco midpalate, nice finish, leathery, a bit spicy, a bit short though with some cherry and herb 6

2007 Prunotto Multi Commune blend - cookies, sweet, a bit stemmy, aromatic wood, cool, a bit sterile feeling, nice sour fruit in the background, good tannic base, nice acids but dry and not a lot going on on the mid-palate, nice savory tannic finish 6

2007  Eredi Lodali Lorens Roddi d’Alba - not much here, a bit of root beer, a bit candied dark fruit,  simple, Nebbiolo d’alba like feel and fruit, nice easy fresh quality but not much depth, nice fruit tannin 6

2007 Castello di Verduno Massara Verduno -  dark nose, coffee beans, a bit roasted, a big wine, some sweetness on the edges, not much flavor interest, a fairly big wine, some nice fruit but lacks some intensity, weird sort of candied caramelly element on the finish 6

2007 Poderi Einaudi Costa Grimaldi Barolo - smoky, a bit woody, dark and oily, bright, fresh, dried out fruit, mid-palate feels covered by wood, dry woody finish, some nice fruit underneath,  a pretty big wine, has good depth up front but then looses it on the back end, a bit bitter, 6

2007 Cascina Adelaide Preda Barolo - root beer, violet pastille, grilled beef, a bit soft, a bit unfocused, then very split palate impression with some soft fruit and nice if slight roasted flavors covered by a slightly weird, very aromatic violet pastille oak note, candied, lightly candied finish 6

2007 Brezza Canubi barol - a bit raw on the nose, slight quinine, hot, nice entry, burnished fruit, nice sour cherry fruit, savory, good balance, nice tonicy aromatics in the mouth, light texture, a bit of heat, mentholly, moderate finish, some orange rind, hot, 6

2007 Damilano Cannubi Barolo - dark, woodsy, cocoa, mint, leafy tinged fruit, a bit heavy on entry with a nice extracty fruit character, ripe tannins, again integrated but present acids, nice fruit character, tannins build on the backend, too tanic on finish, nice fruit there once 6

2007 Pira di Chiara Boschis Cannubi Barolo - sweet woody, shiny, black cherry fruit, veneer, focused, a bit dead in the mouth, seem life fruit tannin replaced with wood tannin, nice almost fruity flavor, fruit extract all over wood, very well made in this style, 6

2007 Virna Borgogono Preda Sarmassa Barolo -a little stewy, pruny, and leathery, some poppy seeds,  fresh acids, soft tannins, easy drinking style, not terrible, some appealing characteristics, texture is nice, blend of aged flavors and fresh feel is interesting,. Nice balsamic tones and red fruit, spicy, grows on you 6

2007  Marcarini Brunate La Morra - pretty, perfumy nose, lightly spice, fresh, a bit chinato, quinine, flat, good acid but still a bit flat on entry, nice flavor profile across the mid-palate, burnidhed fruit and spicy seeds but the wine just seems flat, same with the finish, nice but flat 6

2007 Franceso Sobrero Ciabot Tanasio Castiglione Falletto - a bit nicely herbal, fresh, not fruity, touch of cow patty, easy and honest if simple in the mouth with modest barely ripe strawberry fruit, a bit earthy, a bit dry, serviceable, 6

2007 Odderi Castiglione Falletto la Morra - smells a bit nutty, pine nuts, a bit of cola, a bit cooked with nice balsamic notes, medicinal, camphor, a bit flat, nice ripe tannins, burnished fruit, nice if simple with a sandalwood character to the fruit, nice finish, a bit hot, lifted, not much fruit, advanced, 6

2007  Roccheviberti Rocche di Castiglone Castiglone Falletto - a bit candied, a bit of interest, some chinato character,  easy character, fresh, some richness with lightly bitter medicinal character, not much fruit, seedy finish, nice light bitter edge, 6

2007 Livia Fontana Villero Castiglione Falletto - slightly stewy but fresh cherry fruit, herbal background notes, cedar,  a touch volatile, a bit flat in the mouth, nice ripeness, nice richness, a bit firm on the palate, nice savory strawberry seed notes, a bit short 6

2007 Cordero di Montezemolo Enrivo VI Castiglione Falletto  sweet fruit, watermelon candy, sweet wood, a bit flat, a bit extracty, dark cherry fruit, simple, powerful, sticky finish a bit minty, 6

2007 Oddero Villero Castiglione Falletto - smells a bit chalky a bit dirty, dried herbal extract, fresh in the mouth, nice dried fruit, simple but this has a certain appeal, nicely astringent, drying and a bit advanced but with nice length, aromatic, a bit drying, 6

2007 Cavallotto Bricco Boschis Castiglione Falletto - gentle, rosy, fresh, a bit taut, flat, something nice here, balanced, elegant, but without much interest, was a nice wine once, style has hints of nice fruit 6