So, should we be excited? Well, a lot of the wine media and critics parade would have you believe so, but if you’re like me and prefer more traditionally proportioned wines, a word of caution is in order.

2007 is another hot climate vintage for Piedmont, and the wines certainly show it. While many of the wines show a much greater understanding of how to cope with these warm vintages than, say, 1997 and 2003, the fact remains that it’s easy to see the effects.

Many wines show very candied fruit with a large percentage veering off into the cola-flavored end of the spectrum. While the wines generally have excellent acidity, the flavor profile and weight in the mouth all point to the warmth of the vintage.

Barbaresco: What to Expect

Barbaresco is a wine that shares much with its close neighbor Barolo. Both are made with the Nebbiolo grape and from nearly contiguous plots of vines in Piedmont. The slightly warmer climate of Barbaresco, and the resulting earlier harvest, makes these wines a touch lighter and less complex than Barolo, if more elegant and earlier maturing. They share much the same flavor profile with their siblings, though tend to be less intense.
For me, these sort of warm vintages can produce lovely wines, with a richness and fruitiness that is uncommon in Piedmont, but all that ripeness generally comes at a price: Typicity.

There were very few of the 2007 Barbarescos that I tried that really screamed Barbaresco, and relatively few that really screamed Nebbiolo, for that matter. While this may seem a minor quibble to many -- the wines are, after all, full of fruit and mostly well-balanced -- they really didn’t ring my bell like many wines from the so-called “lesser” vintage of 2005.

I won’t go into detail about the 2005’s, been there and done that (but do watch out for my notes from a fabulous tasting of the 2005 Produttori Riservas) -- but they were as a group, fresh, pure, and better balanced wines than these 2007’s. It’s funny in a way, how perceptions have evolved over the years. In the past a weak vintage of wine was often referred to as a restaurant vintage for its easy appeal and early accessibility.

In today’s world there are two distinct types of problem vintage – those that are cool and/or rainy, and those that are too hot and/or dry.

2007 should be looked at as a restaurant vintage of sorts. It will have plenty of detractors, as well as proponents, but the truth is that many of the wines are a bit cooked in flavor. I can’t see most of the wines improving with time; the freshness of their youth gives them some complexity and helps to support those cooked flavors -- for now.

So, if you like this style, drink them sooner rather than later. They are perfect for the restaurant list, and will be sure to please many people. For those who look for something different in Nebbiolo, precision, brightness, red fruit, and elegance – do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. There is a veritable pipeline full of great Barbaresco waiting to be sold, so a smart shopper should have many options from the last three vintages, 2004-2006 – each with its own character and many great wines to choose from.

Having said all that, there were good Barbarescos made in 2007, you just have to be selective and know the style of the wine before diving in. The notes below are from a large tasting, which I try to do blind, though the wines can be viewed, if one wishes. It is sponsored each year by the Albeisa group, a union of producers in Piemonte.

My notes are brief, and should only be used as very general pictures of what each wine offers. The tasting is rather fast-paced, giving me little time in which to form my opinion, and of course these notes are only my opinion, and an opinion about how the wine is showing today. I don’t have enough time to really try and plot out each wine's evolution, though I will make note in the text of a review if I feel a wine shows particular potential for improvement.

So without further ado, please visit page two for Barbaresco 2007, with a few bonus 2005 Riservas thrown in at the end!

Barbaresco 2007

Roughly 91-92pts

Rizzi ‘Pajore’
- Lovely roses and strawberry on the nose over a touch of graham cracker. A bit terpene; Deep and penetrating with nice sassafras tones. Rich in the mouth, amply-fruited with fresh green herb tones and almost a touch of quince to the red fruit and raspberries; Bright, crisp, slightly-astringent tannins. Sandalwood. Crisp and aromatic.

Cantina del Pino
- Graham cracker and beef nose, some liquory medicinal herb tones. Nicely put together, still tight and youthful, with good freshness and density to the slightly-astringent red cherry fruit and wild raspberry. It's slightly spicy, slightly herbal and peppery, nice crisp tannins and good sweetness on the palate. Nice mineral, bitter background note. Very clear.

Roughly 89-90pts

Rattalino ‘Quaratantadue’ Montersino
- Nice freshness, soil tones, herbs, astringent red fruits; lovely nose, good acid, fresh feel, nice clear, clean mid-palate. A touch simple, but features Nebbiolo juice with a fine herbal floral inner mouth perfume, crisp tannins, wild cherry fruit and even a touch of porcini. It grows in the mouth, with lovely complexity and freshness. Delicious.

La Ganghija di Rapalino Enzo - Woodsy, briary, vaguely spicy. With rosehips, a touch of sweetness, and liquory red almost-pomegranate fruit. This has nice weight, it's unforced, with sour, briary fruit and spice upfront, then licorice, ripe fruit, and crisp tannins. Nice depth of burnished fruit, good follow-through. Nicely fruit-driven, just a touch dark on the finale.

Eredi Lodali ‘Lorens’
- Nice freshness on the nose, a bit raw but bright and soil-driven. Sure, there’s some woody sweetness here, but it’s really a base for the aromas, this seems like it will have a lot more to say with time. It's fresh in the mouth, with good acids, crisp, polished tannins, still narrow but with good height, a nice core of liquory, wild berry fruit; a touch nutty, but also a touch herbal -- perhaps with a hint of fresh tomato. Finishes clean with rosehips and yellow soil tones. A bit astringent and a bit quinine.

Vigin ‘Noemy’ - Bologna +, baked cherry pie, sandy soil tones and a curious freshness up front. Round, nice feel, unforced, with good acids, strawberry seed tannins; a sense of delicacy in this vintage, really nice purity to the burnished fruit. Unfettered, nice fresh fruit in the mouth. Crisp tannins on the finish, nice length, nice acid, nice freshness, nice sapidity.

Bruno Rocca
- Rustic, raw, crude, clean. Soil and hard fruit nose -- nice feel, simple but fresh, with soft tannins. It's a modest yet well-made wine, nice core of burnished raspberry fruit, not one to hit you over the head but with subtle, nuanced complexity -- one that becomes interesting with sandalwood and rosehip fruit, a touch of rose and citrus on finale.

Poderi Colla ‘Roncaglia’ -  Nice sandy, almost saline notes, subtle burnished astringent fruits, a touch of woodsmoke, and sweet fruit -- but with good acid balance and a nice mineral-edged tone to the crisp tannins. The flavors are a bit earthy and lean in a good way, not complex, but with a fresh feel and clean texture. Nice, earthy spice notes on the finish, good length, nice almost-stemmy tone.

Castello di Verduno ‘Rabaja’ 
- Spicy herbal tones, nice salami notes, touch of garlic chive, moderately fresh in the mouth with nice, darkish wild berry fruit. Simple, rustic, nice depth, interesting savory, meaty tones, with an edge of mineral tannin, a bit opaque on the back end, but nice with rose-scented notes on the finale, good length, touch of seeds on finale.

Giuseppe Negro ‘Pian Cavallo’
- Precise, some raw wood, small-scaled, layered with licorice, some sweetness, rose petal and wild cough medicine, cola fruit tones – this is a rich wine, very nicely put together, with good acid, nice polished tannins, a nice savory core of fruit. The acid is better than on entry -- and there's lots of meat here. It's a bit lean on finish in comparison, with a nice acid wash. It's a rather supple wine, I like the concentration and depth here, and its good length, too.

Castello di Neive ‘Santo Stefano’
- Nice watermelon, cherry, earth, and a suggestion of herbs; bright, red-fruited, open, with a nice ripeness without sweetness. There's good balance, a touch of orange peel in the mouth, very fruity but not vulgar, with a refreshing finish. Perhaps a bit smaller-scaled and slightly savory, but I like this a lot.

Barale ‘Serra Boella’
- Fruity, peachy, smells a bit like strawberry ice cream, with some anice and mint, leather. A bit soft on entry, nice soft blanketing tannins; it's a touch rustic, with nice wild sour cherry fruit, nice brightness to the flavors -- young but not crude. A bit simple on the palate, decent follow through on the finish, lovely tannins and real good acid wash on the savory finish.

Roughly 87-88pts

Armando Piazzo ‘Fratin’ - Very brightly balsamic, some fresh leather, sweet fruit, nice ripe tannins; acid is a bit soft; broad, chunky, dark fruit, a touch extracted and perhaps clumsy on the backend, with burnished red cherry fruit, and nice sandalwood tones on the moderately long finish. Fleshy dark cherry fruit.

Massimo Penna ‘Sori Sartu’ - Caramel, roast beef and perfume, and a very floral nose. There's vetiver and celery seed, almost some old bay seasoning, a touch of paprika; soft, pretty and rich, but not too weighty. Nicely balanced, ripe tannins, dark fruit, a touch of cactus leaf, a nice near-freshness to the fruit in the mouth which goes a bit towards blackberry, black currant, nice depth on the backend. Liquory black fruit finish which remains a bit roast beefy.

Marco e Vittorio Adriano ‘Sanadaive’
- Seashells, wiry spice, soil tones, clean wiry, rusty fruit, herbal, a touch of arugula. This is fresh, a bit simple, with wild strawberry and strawberry tops; a bit soft and shallow, with a nice nose -- the palate follows through, but with lower amplitude.

Fratelli Grasso ‘Vallegrande’
- Stones, burnt cherry, herbs stems, a touch of nettles, a touch of brownie. This is rich in the mouth, very ripe, with soft tannins, decent acids, deep fruit, and nice fruit edges of mineral and black cherry skin. Real depth on the palate, a lot of wine, without finesse, perhaps, but complete.

Orlando Abrigo ‘Montersino’
- Sapid roses, touch of vanilla, very floral, very fresh. Sandy soil, grass and herb, pretty fresh up front, with a touch of vanilla, deep, slightly extracted red fruits, black raspberry on the mid-palate. A bit matte, a bit one-dimensional, with soft tannins, this is a bit extracted on the backend but with nice dark fruit. Really nice, just a bit soft.

Albino Rocca
- Herbs, soil, nettles, nice aromatics. Vegetal, floral, freshly-fruited, a nice mineral tone in the mouth. A bit soft but without the weight of many of these; nice crispness and simple, nice fruit, with a bit of burnished wood. Nice crispness on the finish, a bit of wood sweetness.

Produttori del Barbaresco
- Lightly floral and herbal, a bit candied, nice agrumi rind tones, dried sour cherry and a touch of bologna, fresh, clean, a touch sweet, a bit narrow in the mouth. Good perfumes, but lacks a bit of breadth. Lively agrumi tones keep the dark strawberry core fresh, a bit short, more savory fruit, cactus, on finish.

Marchesi di Gresy ‘Martinenga’ 
- Sweet wood, minty, wild cherry preserves, very menthol-y wood. A nice wine at its core: Fresh, red astringent fruit, crisp tannins, very nice balance, good cut, lovely feel, lots of sweet fruit on the follow through, but with good balancing acids and nice refreshing agrumi tones. Excellent length.

Massimo Rivetti ‘Froi’
- Oily, very tarry, balsamic, woodsy wood, cedary. Has nice acids, nice tannins; it's crisp and brightish in the mouth, with dark cherry fruit, a bit too minty, almost eucalyptus tones on the palate. Nice clean finish, good fruit, nice sweetness of fruit and good sandalwood notes on finish. Very fresh.

- Nice fragrant nose, fair amount of toasty French oak. Nice in the mouth, good acid, nice tannins, smooth, gentle, rather feminine, with orange peel notes and red fruit. Perhaps a bit simple, but fresh -- nice crisp tannins on the back, nice seductive length.

Punset ‘ San Cristoforo’
- Sweet red cherry fruit, touch of nettles, sweet and deep but with decent freshness and purity, bright, burnished, citrus-edged wild red fruit. A touch confiture of red currant, with a nice astringent edge; big in the mouth, a touch rustic but with good character, really flavorsome. Has nice follow through: It's tannic, but with plenty of astringent fruit to cover.

Pasquale Pelissero ‘Bricco San Giulano’
- Smells rich and pure, lots of fruit, with leather, walnut and soil tones. Roses, fresh fruit; deep and high - very upright in the mouth, with good focus, but it's a bit pinched on the mid-palate. Nice balance, a bit of elegance, nice purity of fruit, very fresh, very nicely ripe.

Bricco Grilli ‘Serragrilli’
- Smoky soil tones, some nice bright vegetal notes over moderately toasty oak. Flat, nice balance but no real character, some more dark medicinal fruit with a touch of black raspberry; nice Nebbiolo fruit on the mid-palate and onto the cedary finish. Well made, in fact, very well made, if not my style.

Roughly 85-86pts

Molino ‘Teorema’
- Soft fruit, floral, a touch of inoffensive wood sweetness, some nettles, nice chalk pop on the nose. Soft entry, licorice, medium-bodied, wide if shallow, a bit soft, nice burnished cherry fruit on the backend decent length. Simple, but not offensive.

Michele Taliano ‘Ad Altiora’
- Sweet and woodsy, a touch vegetal, with rhubarb, lingonberry, red currant fruit. Nice soil-driven notes, fresh, broad, okay acids, a bit dry, almost mouth-filling, dark fruit, woodsy fruit, good depth. Finish is a bit compressed, tannins narrow it down.

Ca del Baio ‘Valgrande’
- Rootbeer-y, a touch of jam and light toast, this is simple with some incipient complexity. Lighter-styled, good freshness, a bit of roasted raspberry. Simple, a touch sweet on the mid-palate, nice finish, nothing special but has a certain rustic appeal.

Rizzi ‘Nervo Fondetta’
- Sawdust, pine nettles, lots of sweet cranberry/lingonberry fruit, a bit washed out. Subtle with a faint cherry skin sweetness and nice mineral tones. Too soft, though there's a nice (if short) finish with more of that softly ripe fruit.

La Spinona ‘Bricco Faset’ - Smoky, a touch dirty, treebarky, medicinal. Very dark and yet weirdly and not unattractively herbal; decent, simple, rustic, dirty barrel-esque. With deep fruit, this will be fairly complex; ripe tannins, meaty and savory with a bit of truffly tone already. i’m actually not sure I dislike this.

La Ca’ Nova ‘Montestefano
Milky, smoky, scorched earth; Hot, anise seed, dried tomato, burnt cheese, pizza-like - this is soft and flannelly, in an easy style, with low acid, sweet raspberry fruit, no detail, maybe a touch of savoryiness at it’s core, but really quite fruity in a fresh fruity way.

Castello di Neive
- Extracty, rosehips and vitamins, mineral and dried meats, some cough medicine cola syrup tones in there, lots of soft tannins, sweet fruit, decent acid, monotonous, nice rosehip notes, a bit sweet but with good flavors, long if dry finish.

Adriano Marco e Vittorio ‘Basarin’
- Sand, salt and herb tones, lightly-scented but fresh with a touch of green over a touch of candy, nice liquory pure red raspberry fruit, a touch of earth, lovely balance, cool and crisp, fine tannins, nice subtle complexity, not a blockbuster but nicely put together.

Scarpa ‘Tettineive’
- Shallow, lean, cola sweet, roasted herbs, very cool entry, very restrained. There's nice purity to the raspberry fruit, soft tannins, elegant, burnished fruit tones, roasted chestnut, porcini, subtle complexity, nice citrus lift on the backend, then a short, dry finish.

Roughly 83-84pts

Orlando Abrigo ‘Vigna Rongalio Meruzzano’
- Rusty, wood stems, cigarette ash, leather, meaty aromas, floral with a touch of caper; then a bit oaky, dull in the mouth, good acid and fresh tannins, but the fruit lacks oomph. It picks up again on the finish.

Pelissero ‘Nubiola’
- Burnished fruit, touch of choco and passionfruit, even some grapefruit. It's soft, fairly transparent, nice tannin/acid balance, good texture to the tannins. There's not much flavor here though, and lots of drying tannins on the finish.

Molino ‘Ausario’
- Floral with a touch of vanilla, a bit hard on the nose, simple with some hard oak, a bit of woody sweetness and toast up front, matte mid-palate, no detail, but with good acidity at least. Woody tannins, flat cola, some sweetness on the finish highlight a faint raspberry fruit.

Pertinace ‘Vigneto Nervo’
- Coffee, dirt, and sweet dried meats, herbal with some toast marshmallow tones, flat entry, then it picks up with nice tannins, but still too soft; a lot of sweetness here, dark fruit, blackberry and briary fruit, coffee and toast on the backend, short, meaty, drying wood but the fruit fights through on the finale, still dark bitter coffee.

Giacosa Carlo ‘Montefico’
- Nice spicy red berry fruit, simple but clean and fresh, round, slinky, nice burned cherry fruit, simple very easy, nice follow-through with sweet black raspberry fruit.

Cascina delle Rose ‘Rio Sordo’
Shallow nose, soft, lightly-roasted fruit, orange rind, bay leaf, old wood, porcini – small in the mouth, drying, leathery old school wine, with a nice feel, simple backloaded, dried raspberry and porcini spice.

Albino Rocca ‘Vigneto Brich Ronchi’ - Cola, toasted poppy seeds, touch of caraway, very spicy, toasty, sweet red fruits, no detail, ok acids, ripe tannins, plush and just not sticky, tons of tannins and extract.

Fancone ‘I Patriarchi’
- Stinky nose, a bit reduced, sour fruits, green oak leaves, nice freshness up front, then a bit sticky, sweet fruit, simple, aromatic in the mouth, some milky chocolate tones on the finish.

Angelo Negro ‘Cascinotta’ - Sweet cola baked fruit nose, clay, meat and game tones, a bit of cocoa, very soft entry, but still has good acids, nice freshness of fruit on mp, medium weight not much there though, a bit dried out on the mp, quite tannic finish which shows nice fruit, though.

Montaribaldi ‘Pallazina’ - Very smoky, tarry, some sweetness here, more rootbeery, smells heavy, spicy, oregano, a touch of dried tomato, bright, round, simple, a bit candied, more blackberry than cherry fruit, decent, drying tannin on finish, short.

Cantina del Nebbiolo - Chalky and woody nose, a bit of brown sugar, baking spice, very vivid in the mouth, vibrant acids, very red-fruited, lingonberry/cranberry toned fruit, soft tannins, very feminine, simple yet very supple, approachable already.

Roughly 80-82pts

Sottimano ‘Pajore’
- Stone, mineral quinine, smoke, fat and sweet in the mouth, indistinct, nice tannins quality, touch of treebark and cherry on the backend, earthy, dried wood.

Prunotto - Deep cherry with integrated toasty oak, simple and monotonous, nice upright feel, simple, good acids, but simple and monotonous in the mouth, as well.

Ca’ du Rabaja
- Raw wood, kind of neutral, sweetish and anonymously fruity; neutral and fluid in the mouth, big but a bit empty, seedy, somewhat bitter notes, tea, soft, empty, toasty marshmallow and herb finish.

Cascina delle Rose ‘Tre Stelle’
- Jammy strawberry, hot soil, licorice+, golia, clean and fresh, nice feel, nice raspberry/strawberry fruit tones but low amplitude, a bit rustic, not terribly interesting.

Bel Colle ‘Roncaglie’ - A bit candied vanilla touched cherry fruit, hot, almost peppery,  sweetly fruit, almost sweet in fact, wild raspberry fruit, round, big in the mouth, rosehips on the backend, a touch of stemmy wood.

Giuseppe Cortese ‘Rabaja’
- Strawberry fruit, light, soil tones, edged in wood, woodsy, nice touch of forest floor, definite quinine/chinato – soft and neuter, no detail, some flavors, burnished wood, chinato, biter cherry, actually nice bitter cherry fruit, decent finish.

Antichi Poderi dei Gallina ‘Vigneto ‘L Ciaciaret’
Woody, sweet, almost a touch buttery, very fluid in the mouth, very soft tannins, bright, a bit lean, a bit boring but inoffensive, simple, nice fruit on the finish.

Roughly 75-79pts

Terra da Vino ‘La Casa in Collina’
- Woodsy, shallow, unexpressive with aromas that are minty and a bit hard – soft in the mouth, no center, no real interest, anonymous, short.

Pertinace ‘Marcarini’
- Woody, cedary, sweet, clear on the palate, good texture, decent acid, crisp tannins, not much flavor or interest. Touch of cherry on the very drying finish.

Ca’ du Rabaja ‘Rabaja’
-  Neuter, wood, raw, flat, good core of fruit, fresh even, covered with wood tannin, dark, anonymous, curiously sweet yet dark and earthy.

Fontanbianca ‘Sori Burdin’ - A bit cooked, a bit roasted fruit, apricot, spice, wood spice, not too toasty, fat entry then a bit hollow, lean, a bit raspy, minty, nice follow-through, not a lot of detail, a curious combination of sweetness and dried out flavors.

Cascina Luisin ‘Sori Paolin’
- Meaty, beefy and vaguely peppery, lots of sweet, toasty FO, flat but fresh, rather oaky, toasty, dried out mp, some nice strawberry/rasp fruit on backend.

Giacosa Fratelli ‘Basarin’
- Smoky, raw, fresh, fo, spicy, high toned, sweet entry, wood sweet, spicy mid-palate, good fruit, nice burnished cherry tones, a bit meaty, a bit dried meats, a bit dried out a bit short, small wine, not the best.

Giacosa Fratelli ‘Basarin Vigna Gianmate’ -  Darker, medicinal notes on the nose, dark fruit, a touch briary, a bit sweet, heavy, and extracted smelling cool, nicely medium bodied if a bit compressed in the mouth, indistinct but nice fruit, a bit extracted tasting, forced on the backend some nice fruit, may improve in time.

Roughly 70-75pts

Cascina Morassino ‘Morassino’
- Wild berry, strawberry rhubarb nose,  but weirdly candied and red fruited, artificial red fruits, sweet, sweet, candied and sweet, decent acidity, sticky and cloying wine, slight herbal tone on backend.

Cascina Moressino ‘Ovello’
- Sweet fruit, sweet wood, not toasty or spicy, fat, flat, broad, slightly candied, coffee candy, lots of wood tannin, drying and unimpressive.

Ca’ Rome ‘Sori Rio Sordo’
- Not showing much on the nose, and almost nothing on the palate, nice linear feel, but essentially without flavors at this point, closed, dry, and uninteresting.

Ca’ del Baio ‘Asili’
- Nice slightly sweet, slightly floral red fruited nose, raw wood rootberry, round, dark and bitter, raw harsh wine some nice spicy fruit in there but to extracted and too tannic for it’s own good.

Cascina Luisin ‘Rabaja’
- Roast chicken, tarragon aromas, some sweet chicken fat tones, very herbal, very new SO tones, spicy on the nose, lots of herb/balsamic tones – soft, seamless, earthy, rootbeery, not much interest or detail, facile, no real follow thorough, short, medicinal finish.

Cascina Saria - Woody, woodsy, heavy, dull and sweet on the nose, very medicinal toned, dried out on the palate, nice texture, linear and direct but not much there there, very dry stripped finish.

Elio Filippino ‘Santo Stefano’ - A bit stinky, mineral chalk, some woody sweetness, pretty toasty/spicy, flat on the palate, boring, good freshness, nothing there, bitter cherry on the finish, extracted, anonymous wine.

Pietro Rinaldi  ‘San Cristoforo’
- Raw wood, fairly floral but saccharine sweet with cola/herbal syrup tones, flat, soft, broad and shallow, dry, tannic, graceless.

Ugo lequio ‘Gallina’
- Fairly herbal and floral, minty fresh, flat, soft, soft flavors, decent, short, boring.

Cigliuti ‘Vigne Erte’
- A bit wooly, some clay spice earth on the nose, not very expressive an perhaps a touch hot, oaky, VA – sweet entry, matte, fruity a bit, some nice fruity character on the mp, black berry, really no neb character, dry wood tannins on the finis, bitter.

Poderi Elia ‘Serracapelli’
- Buttery, sweet, toasty oak, chocolate, sweet black fruit,  flat, matte, without detail, really tastes cali, no center, big black fruit finish, really extracted feel, oaky finish.

Ressia ‘Canova’
- Cola, liquory, very sweet, lots of sweet spice, sweet medicinal, wood-, sweet, then quite acidic, bitter cherry, very extracted, nice fruit but forced feeling, lots of weird acid here, like green and over-ripe fruit combined.

Moccagatta ‘Basarin’ - Liquid fire, charred wood, burnt marshmallow, black pepper, blackberry jam, fat, soft, drippy, no core, bitter finish, extracted feel, sticky tannins on finish.

A score below 70pts

Moccagatta ‘Bric Balin’
- Coffee oak, oak, flat, disaster, nothing of interest, tastes like coffee candy.

Montaribaldi ‘Sori Montaribaldi’
- Huge strawberry nose, smells like a bowl of strawberries,  not much else but remarkable purity of fruit on the nose, flat entry, dark mid-palate, no sign of the fruit on the nose, dark, coffee, extracted feel, tactile, sticky.

Michel Chiarlo ‘Asili’ - Candied, candied medicinal, quinine, a bit chinato, quite intense and a bit peppery, a bit raw woody, flat, stripped, big but without any flesh, dark anonymous flavors,  dark fruit on the back end, lots of spicy wood tannins, hot, red hots, cinnamon spicy extracted, hot.

Vigneti Feyles - A bit of Bovril, oxidized, decidedly disgustingly of reduced vegetal tones, sweet roasted veal stock, but candied sweet, big, fat, over-ripe and yet still vegetal, very vegetal, full of cooked celery root on nose and palate, dry tannin on finish.

Marchesi di Barolo ‘Serragrilli’
- Strawberry jam, cola, rootbeer, fat, flat, boring wine, no character, cola/coriander finish.

2005 Barbaresco Riserva

Produttori del Barbaresco ‘Pora’ - Deep, liquory, touch of salame wood, more fruit, more wild fruit, poppy seeds and even a touch walnutty,  very fresh, nice tannins here, nice acids, dark fruit, masculine fruit feminine structure, refreshing MP,  fantastic finish full of wild berry red currant/wild cherry fruit, tannins really clamp down but the fruit still manages to seep through to the savory, woodsy, almost truffled final. (93-94)

Produttori del Barbaresco ‘Rio Sordo’
- Dubtle, woodsmoke, flowers, perfume, mint, fresh fruit coulis, prosciutto,  good acids, medium body, fresh fruit, red cherry, wild berry, very soft tannins, a touch meaty and a touch peppery on the MP, really nice feel with depth and richness yet not heavy in any way, lovely spiced berry fruit leads to a subtle long pomegranate seed finale. (91-92)

Nada Giuseppe ‘Casot’
- touch of band aid, broddo, dried nettle, strawberry, animale, gamy - bright acids, fresh tannins, medium bodied, light and fresh if simple, clean mp, refreshing, crisp, fresh lightly chinato toned finish with fresh tannins. (85-86)

Piazzo Armando ‘Nervo Vigna Giaia’
- A bit dirty, a bit rusty, very soil driven, touches of eggshell, speck, and tea – rustic and a bit rigid in the mouth, nice slightly dirty fruit tones on the plate, poppy seed, green seeds, celery seed, not fruity, savory and refreshing if rustic.(83-84)

Massimo Rivetti ‘Serraboella’ - Sweet but grown-up fruit on the nose, sweets sweet but vaguely Nebbiolo like, with noticeably wood – rather loose in the mouth, nice feel, good balance and proportion, dark fruit, vaguely Nebbiolo like, a bit opaque, a big wine, forced but there is something there I like: the liquory frutti del bosco fruit that is hidden away. (85-86)

- Split wood, fruit wood, a little bit of lichen, and cooked fruit – hard, wood, no real fruit though there is a bit of sweetness, dark spicy strawberry fruit, short finish, flat. (82-83)

Dante Rivetti ‘Bricco’
- Sweet cedary wood, soft, innocuous in the mouth, good old school flavors,  nutty, bologna, some fruit is buried here, simple, minty finish, ok length, nice orange-rindy tone. (84-85)

Marco e Vittorio Adriano ‘Basarin’
- Sweet fruit, black spice, a bit blocky, spicy, herbal, richly perfumed w/o being too  sweet and fruity,  fat, clumsy, nothing in the mouth, extracted, nothing in balance, drying finish. (82-83)

Two Up & Coming Producers Who Excelled in 2007

2007 Rizzi Barbaresco ‘Pajore’
Lovely roses and strawberry on the nose over a touch of graham cracker, a bit of terpene; it's deep and penetrating with nice sassafras tones. Rich in the mouth, amply-fruited with fresh green herb tones and almost a touch of quince to the red fruit, raspberries, and bright, crisp, slightly-astringent tannins.

2007 Cantina del Pino Barbaresco
Graham cracker and beef nose, some liquory medicinal herb tones. Nicely put together, still tight and youthful, with good freshness and density to the slightly-astringent red cherry fruit and wild raspberry. Slightly spicy, slightly herbal-y and peppery, with nice crisp tannins, an ice feel, and good sweetness on the palate. Nice mineral, bitter background notes.