So, should we be excited? Well, a lot of the wine media and critics parade would have you believe so, but if you’re like me and prefer more traditionally proportioned wines, a word of caution is in order.

2007 is another hot climate vintage for Piedmont, and the wines certainly show it. While many of the wines show a much greater understanding of how to cope with these warm vintages than, say, 1997 and 2003, the fact remains that it’s easy to see the effects.

Many wines show very candied fruit with a large percentage veering off into the cola-flavored end of the spectrum. While the wines generally have excellent acidity, the flavor profile and weight in the mouth all point to the warmth of the vintage.

Barbaresco: What to Expect

Barbaresco is a wine that shares much with its close neighbor Barolo. Both are made with the Nebbiolo grape and from nearly contiguous plots of vines in Piedmont. The slightly warmer climate of Barbaresco, and the resulting earlier harvest, makes these wines a touch lighter and less complex than Barolo, if more elegant and earlier maturing. They share much the same flavor profile with their siblings, though tend to be less intense.