To begin with, we should take a look at the vintage currently being hawked. It’s another successful vintage, of that there is no doubt. Consistency seems to be the buzz word du jour, which speaks not only of the evenly warm and pleasant growing season, but also the newly leveled playing field. Everyone is sticking to 100% Sangiovese for these wines.

The warm growing season has endowed many of these wines with the richness associated with great vintages of Brunello. The wines also retain expressive aromatics, another check in the plus column. One minus that continues to mark Brunello is the temptation to produce bigger, “more important” wines. What that means is open to interpretation, but I continue to see too many wines marked heavily by new oak and suffering from over extraction. Brunello does not need to be a power house wine! Let it be the medium bodied, if richly expressive Sangiovese it wants to be!

Photo courtesy Megan Mallen via Flickr/CC