A bit oily, with notes of redwood, dark Brambly fruit and dark, roasted coffee-toned fruit on the nose. Soft and broad and slightly sweet on entry. This is a touch disjointed, with a noticeable streak of wood tannins obvious on the palate lending a dry, firm texture but leading to a bit of hollowness on the mid-palate. There’s plenty of red plummy fruit here, but this is a touch rustic, finishes with more wood tannin and spicy raspberry fruit. 86 points

A bit high-toned on the nose with spicy, stemmy, bramble-driven red fruit. Round in the mouth, with soft tannins and meaty orchard fruit-framed black plummy fruit that shows a nice little herbal edge and turns a little chocolaty on the finish. 86 points
Chocolatey and ripe on the nose with vanilla and a little coconut layered over black cherry fruit. This is bright and juicy in the mouth, with layers of blue fruit, raspberry and red currant flavors topped with gentle spice, yielding to a light finish that shows a hint of firmness. 86 points
Dark and a bit matte on the nose with inky, deep, slightly mineral aromas. Smooth and juicy in the mouth, this shows off simple black fruit in a seamless, easy-drinking style that gains nice cut plum and blackberry fruit on the slightly tannic finish. 86 points
Ripe on the nose with strawberry cream tinged with a hint of balsamic oak spice, and an almost Middle Eastern spice note. Ripe, soft and fleshy in the mouth with nice fruit tannins supporting cherry fruit that shows a touch of peachiness and some earthy tones. 85 points
Dusty, tight and mineraly on the nose with restrained crushed berry fruit topped with lovely green floral notes and a slightly medicinal edge. This is a big, medicinal and coffee-toned wine with a smooth, dark and powerful palate impression that shows obvious sweetness. There’s lots of plum and blackberry fruit, turning to blueberry pie filling on the sweet finish. There’s a lot of RS here, with a short finish where tannins knock out the sweetness but don’t allow the fruit to pop. This is a bit viscous and not my style at all. 84 points

Powerful and dark on the nose with assertive dried plum and dark cherry fruit. Ripe, smooth and flannely in the mouth with little detail and lots of fruit. This has a rich, loose warm climate feel to it and seems fairly extracted, with bit of coffee tannin on the dark and threatening finish. A bit too much for me. 84 points