Spicy on the nose, with hints of black pepper, cured sausage and licorice over black fruits. This is tart on entry with lovely fresh blackberry fruit accented with tar and strawberry fruit. The tannins are soft and this gains complex notes of vanilla, tobacco and late-to-pop brambly fruit. A nice old school style of Zin, and one that looks likely to improve over the mid-term. 89 points

Perfumed briarwood and some super perfumed Zin berry fruit full of wild blackberry and wild cherry fruit greet the nose with a light oak underlay. Round, soft and mouth-filling with nice juicy fruit that shows lots of cherry character in an easy going way with nice inner mouth perfumes. This is pretty restrained, well integrated but sweet-fruited, with hints of sweet spices on the moderately long finish. 89 points

Smoky, burning chaparral top notes greet the nose followed by subtle toasting Middle Eastern spice notes over red berry fruit. There’s a little pine-like note adding freshness on the light and zesty entry, which is followed by rich blackberry fruit that's a little tight and earthy with a  nice briary edge. 89 points
Oaky on the nose, lending a hickory nut and juniper tone to the gamy fruit. While a touch soft, on entry this turns out to have great acidity, making it much more lively in the mouth than the nose suggests, showing fine black currant and wild raspberry in a juicy style, with soft tannins. While the finish is a bit short, it is powerful and fresh, with light dusty and leathery soil tones. 89 points

Inky with grilled meat and grilling banana leaf notes over a base of bright citrus-tinged jammy blackberry fruit topped with hints of pencil lead, cracked black pepper and lots of slightly used wood. Bright, intense, and mouth-filling if not terribly weighty in the mouth, this shows off beautiful, earthy, dark fruit in a muscular, slightly rustic style that ends with a modest, mocha tinged finish. 89 points
Bigger, deep and fairly rich on the nose, which shows lovely wild blackberry fruit with cedary oak spice, and a little vanilla and blueberry pie spice. In the mouth, this is a touch on the sweeter side, with still nice fruit, blackberry peppered with hints of coffee beans, vanilla, and boysenberry, all topped with a streak of mocha on the moderately long finish. 89 points
Meaty, dark and toasty on the nose with a nice base of old wood topped with rich red fruit compote. Nicely focused in the mouth, with fine, slightly grapey blackberry fruit on the palate in a restrained, elegant style. There’s a refreshing balance of sweetness and briar here that leads to a clean finish, showing off fresh black cherry fruit topped with a nice spice note. 89 points

Dark soil and old wood greet the nose, which is a bit reduced. In the mouth, this is plump and full of black fruit that is mouth-filling if a touch soft. A bit broad-shouldered in the mouth and a touch short, this is quite youthful, with a chewy edge and hints of butter on the huckleberry- and blackberry-toned finish. 89 points
Fresh berries and creamy vanilla make for an attractive if simple nose. This pops on entry, with bright tart strawberry that shows fine focus and picks up a touch of wild raspberry and subtle spice on the mid-palate. While showing a certain sense of delicacy and a lovely texture, this is a touch simple. 89 points
Light oak and dark fruit that’s a bit inky come together on a spicy, smoky, toasty nose that shows a touch of sun dried tomato fruit. Plump and inky on the palate, this shows low and compressed in the mouth, with plenty of power in reserve, showing a nice touch of meaty, strawberry preserves and a little pencil lead on the tart, modest finish. Should benefit from some age. 89 points

Strawberry fruit tops a nose which shows off hints of oily seeds and a touch of beefy white pepper. Round on entry with an early suggestion of sweetness, this is a bit of a throwback style with plenty of rich black cherry pie flavors supported by supple tannins and modest acidity. There’s nice intensity of flavor here, and a smooth texture, but it does lack a bit of complexity and detail, though many people won’t much care. 89 points

Candied watermelon and a touch of cocoa are a bit of an odd combination on the nose. In the mouth, this is fruity and simple if very precise, with lovely purity to the fruit. This definitely seems a bit simple but purely rendered, with ripe tannins and a tart strawberry note on the finish. 89 points
A little estery on the nose with a very fruity sliced strawberry aroma. Very smooth with nice weight in the mouth, with fine wild strawberry fruit, There are plenty of ripe tannins offering support, and this shows some refinement of texture with dark, earthy and slightly peppery plum fruit lingering on the dry, firm finish. 89 points