This shows off a big chocolate-laced nose, restrained and polished wood treatment, and spicy black cherry, Griottes jammy note. With bright acid on entry, followed by lovely soft and slightly dusty tannins, this shows good support for the spiced (but not spicy) big red berry fruit that turns a bit inky on the backend. There’s some bitter red fruit on the finish along with a big black raspberry jam note that’s just a little jammy, all leading to a leather and melted licorice finale. A big wine, but with excellent structure. 92 points
Very spicy on the nose, with fine red currant and almost rhubarb fruit that’s topped with a strong Swedish Fish candy aroma. Entering the mouth smooth, polished and powerful, this is decidedly structured, with big tannins and acids embedded in the rich, chewy fruit. Licorice and candied Swedish Fish accent the plummy, earthy and perfumed bramble fruit in the mouth. This finishes with some dry tannin, and plenty of blue and black fruit with modest spice notes, in a structured style that demands a bit more time in the bottle. Revisit this in a year or three. 92 points
Fruity on the nose with a nice bramble top note, followed by spiced cherry, mineral and almost black currant fruit with a hint of raw beef to it. In the mouth this is very smooth and polished, a smooth, sexy wine that wraps around the palate. Some small tannins add a lovely touch of mouth grab and the acidity does a nice job supporting the blackberry fruit that gains a lively streak of wild strawberry fruit along with an edge of chewiness on the back end, and lingers on the palate with ripe dried strawberries and a very gentle touch of supporting wood. 92 points

Pretty perfumed on the nose with nuanced oak, floral, and light white pepper spice notes accenting the cool and mineral-inflected blue fruit of the nose. On entry, this is light and finely-textured, very transparent with wonderfully crisp raspberry and wild black cherry flavors married to a nice vanillin streak The finish is long, with a nice savory spice element and a hint of cocoa and red currant on the finale. 92 points
A bit oaky but at the same time quite complex on the nose, with a marine quality here adding freshness to the blueberry and raspberry fruit, all topped with deep and complex oily nuttiness. On entry this is cool and compressed, showing fine structure, taut with lovely grape skin and wild plum fruit full of spicy inner mouth perfumes, and streaked with nice dark coffee and mineral accents on the long, slightly tough peppery finish. A powerful wine that's a little tough today but should blossom with just a bit more time in the cellar. 92 points

Tight and fine on the nose, with shaved cedar French oak, tight dark woodsy fruit, and creamy blueberry pie top notes. This is bright, mineral and smooth in the mouth with a powerful if not terribly fruit-driven palate that shows fine complexity. This has power and depth with a faint edge of sweetness that's balanced out by the dark bitter hint of the tannins and the muscular, savory nature of the leathery fruit that follows through nicely on the moderately long finish. 92 points

Spicy and intense on the nose, with lovely layers of violet, black plum, black spice, and a bit of licorice emerging from the glass. Bright, firm and intense in the mouth, this is a bit meaty, certainly muscular, mouth-filling, and complex. The finish is huge and long, just a rush of dark berry fruit and perfumed spicy accents. This does show some alcohol on the finish,  yet it remains impressive for its combination of intensity and balance. 92 points
Spicy on the nose, with hints of anise seed and some soil tones over plum and blackberry fruits that showed a slightly leather edge. On the palate this was almost a little creamy, with super fine and supple, if abundant, fruit tannins. The palate showed off lovely red fruit, some black seed notes and a compellingly round, smooth texture that lead to a long, super spicy strawberry and red currant-laced finish. 92 points

This will not please everybody but the nose explodes with wild herbal perfumes, all stemmy and rich, with cut grass and herbal notes over raspberry fruit. Light and herbal on the palate as well, but this virtually dances across the palate with acidity and freshness in an almost weightless, really perfumed style. Just a beautifully fresh elegant Zin that shows of vibrant red fruit and wild strawberry flavors. 92 points

Earthy top notes on the nose are joined by sweet cherry stone fruit and light herbal shadings. There’s a lovely suggestion of sweetness on entry, not sugar, just a wonderful ripeness of fruit and this is all about small berry fruit. On the mid-palate the tannins are a bit intrusive, adding firmness to the wild berry fruit that lays over a lovely base of soil tones. This is a touch rustic in an attractive way, big and wild, with berry fruit and a fresh, zesty finish. 92 points

Classic bramble berry, Zinfandel nose is bright and perfumed, with just a kiss of oak lending a smoky edge to the powerful nose. Marionberry and boysenberry pop on the entry of this surprisingly medium light bodied wine that shows full-on bright acids on the palate. This has a lovely texture, a little chewy with deep fruit, and terrific balance that leads to a bright clean finish with hint of jammy Lingonberry fruit, and lingering dusty tannins. This asks to be guzzled. 92 points

Smoke, fudge and soil tones accent the core of black fruit on the nose. This is a big wine, fairly dry, with a lovely firm texture and slightly creamy flavors that, juxtaposed against the firmness, make for an elegant and powerful mouthfeel. There’s plenty of earthy mountain fruit here in the blackberry end of the spectrum turning more black raspberried on the moderately long finish. 92 points
This is pretty and perfumed on the nose with a little minty edge to the red berry fruit on the nose. Just so smooth and bright in the mouth, this layers fresh raspberry and plum fruit across the palate backed with a nice hint of vanilla oak. The fruit is clear and transparent, showing more of a strawberry tone on the moderately spicy, long juicy finish. 91 points
Chocolate, red cherries in alcohol and a nice lightly toasted oak top note greet the nose, all bathed in a subtle mint-framing note. This shows only medium-plus body on the palate, with a nice bit of tannin making this rather firm and supporting its core of  black earth, spice and black plum skin. This is spicy and quite well balanced, popping on the back end with more tart red fruit. A firm and focused and rather severe example of Zin. 91 points
Classic briar wood, and smoke top notes over a base of cherry fruit with a little supporting oak note.  Spicy on entry, with juicy bright acids supporting a light yet powerful palate impression full of fresh sour cherry and raspberry fruit wrapped in briar with black cherry skin notes on the long finish. This is long and tense, with fine cut to the fresh fruit. 91 points
Black fruit topped with toasty, spicy, briary accents pops on the nose, turning sweet with rich black cherry and blackberry aromas. This is a big wine, but balanced with early vanilla hints with violet floral tones playing out over the tight and austere palate. The flavors are bold and driven by dark briary notes, with a little cocoa on the long lightly spicy finish. 91 points
Deep and briary on the nose with ripe black cherry and plum fruit streaked with hoisin and balsamic notes This opens a little meaty on the palate with blue/purple fruit and hints of black pepper spice. Definitely a big but well balanced wine that packs in power yet lacks any real sense of thickness as it delivers full blow wild herb and tart cherry/blackberry fruit. This is very lively in the mouth and just a hint peppery on the palate, finishing with gentle and ever-so-chewy tannins. 91 points

Big on the nose with slightly liquory bramble berry fruit with lots of backing vanilla. This smells heavy and toasty. In the mouth this is a bit chunky, if tight on entry, showing subtle briary and herb-laced inner mouth perfumes leading to juicy and powerful big wild berry and mocha espresso foam flavors. There’s a lot of oak here, and a noticeable bit of alcohol on the vanilla-laced finale. 91 points
Rather intense on the nose with dark, slightly toffeed berry fruit, toasty, creamy marshmallow notes topped with some stemmy spices notes and a little toasted coconut. This is fairly tannic, even if the wine itself is nicely medium to full bodied with bramble and slightly herbal inner mouth perfumes lending a Grenache-like quality to the strawberry. The very fine finish shows good length with black cherry/bright tart berry flavors. 91 points
Tight, oaky and inky on the nose. This shows a surprisingly finely balanced and bright texture on entry, though the wood tannins do make the wine tougher on the back end. In a very powerful style, this is rich with almost blackcurrant that extends over the long, dense finish. Powerful but not over the top. 91 points
A little nutty on the nose and somewhat compressed, with wooly fruit and earthy yeast notes. Wow—this shows some super-refined tannins, and while this is a little dense it remains elegant and balanced, with a hint of orange peel and baking spice accenting the high-toned, almost boyseneberry fruit that extends over the long finish. 91 points
Earthy and a touch reduced on the nose with a rather old world feel. The old world feel extends to the  entry as well, showing lovely density with bright acidity, and a powerful if a bit compressed mid-palate that shows super black cherry fruit and fine nuanced oak that remained totally in the background. This is firm and perhaps a touch short but in a classic claret style. 91 points
Wooly and a bit wild on the nose with bright aromas of blueberry and blackberry fruit. Bright and juicy in the mouth with a super smooth, refined mouthfeel that sees polished tannins floating under great wild blackberry and boysenberry fruit. The acidity here is juicy and lends an almost lime fruit quality to the palate. 91 points

Blackberry cobbler on the nose is framed with a bit of leather and folds in subtle oak, spice and bramble notes. This enters the mouth with power and volume, then turns snappy, treading a fine line between full-on ripe fruit and classic structure. There’s lots of blueberry and wild blackberry fruit, nicely measured oak adding some base notes, and a hint of olive here. This shows intensity and restraint, finishing with length and elegant tannins. 91 points