1997 vs.1999 Sangiovese

Comparative notes from a recent tasting


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1997 vs.1999 Sangiovese It was a showdown, 1997 versus 1999. We tasted four producers all from my cellar to test the vintages, see if each deserved its reputation, and if one or both vintages have been misrepresented.

These are a small sampling of Super Tuscan wines, though today these could all be bottled as Chianti. The reason for the development of these so-called “Super Tuscan” wines was that quality-conscious producers in the 1960s and on felt constrained by laws that dictated what grapes could be used for the production of Chianti. In particular, the rules that required the inclusion of the white Trebbiano grape, as well as other sometimes marginal blending grapes, gave a small group of brave producers all the motivation they needed to create a new category of wine, outside the laws. These are those wines.

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