1995. Little did we know what an inflection point this would be for Piedmont. Looking back, it’s easy to forget the fanfare that greeted the vintage, mostly because nobody was really paying attention to the wines. That is not entirely true of course, but Barolo and Barbaresco were still a mystery to the vast majority of the wine buying public at that point.

A long history of rough, tough and far too often simply defective wines had left the public with a not altogether favorable impression of these noble wines. The vintages immediately preceding 1995 didn’t help things out much. 1991 and 1992 were lean, ungenerous vintages with 1993 a relative bright spot that led to 1994, another rusty, austere vintage that offered little excitement and helped to continue to douse the interest that the great trio of vintage 1988 to 1990 had created in Barolo and Barbaresco.

And then along comes 1995 and the fans went wild!