14 Ways to Enjoy Sparkling Rosé

A rich and festive way to celebrate the New Year


For me, sparkling rosés are the way to celebrate. Not only are they super festive, but they are both richer and generally more intensely flavored than the whites. Yes, they lose some elegance perhaps, but they make up for it with gutsy flavors and the ability to pair brilliantly with a wide variety of cuisines.

So what is a rosé anyway? Well, it’s generally thought of as a rather pink wine which can get its color through the use of a variety of different techniques. 

The most common technique is minimal skin contact. Rosés are made from red grapes, at least some, and the pigment in red grapes is in the skin of the grapes. By limiting the time the skin is in contact with the juice, you limit the saturation of the resulting wine. 

Another less common technique is called saignee, in which some juice from a vat of wine on its skins is drawn off to allow for the remaining wine to be more concentrated and rich. This saignee technique is really the same as the limited skin contact, though the results are achieved through a different method, removing the wine from the skins as opposed to the skins from the wine!

Finally, there are rosés that are made by combining red wines with white. This is probably more widely practiced, particularly at the low end of the price spectrum, than we care to believe, and is probably much maligned for no reason other than marketing. 

In any event, choose a rosé this holiday season and you’ll be treated to creamy richness, red fruits and pure, scintillating celebration in a glass!

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Mumm Brut Rosé

Vanilla cream cherry, mineral and a hint of brioche. Fine mousse, nice dosage makes this just a touch sweet up front, before the acid rolls out and lends the apple fruit a bit of strawberry rhubarb. This runs through the moderately long, elegant and vivid mineral-laced finish. Creamy with a fine mousse. 91pts

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Lucien Albrecht Alsace Rosé Brut (Crémant d’Alsace)

Very gentle on the nose with an earthy, woodsy base that shows flashes of  green tea, white fruit and crisp apple. Bright and clear in the mouth with nice tension and very attractive wild strawberry fruit. This feels fabulous and finishes with energy and tension, offering really grown up flavors of earth, apple skin, red berries and a touch of sweet tea. 91pts

Jansz Tasmania NV Rosé 12.5%


Nice brioche and floral notes greet the nose followed by strawberry and baked apple fruits. Fine and elegant in the mouth, this delivers fresh, clear and bright sweet apple, Asian pear and golden raspberry tones, over a soft underlay of leesiness. Rather refined and elegant, this really has a sleek, sculpted feel and delivers great intensity of flavor without much weight. The finish shows deep citrus acidity, with a finale of faintly sweet cherry skin. 91pts


Zardetto Vino Spumante Rosé


Soft raspberry fruit shows a hint of basil stem and some woodsy undertones,with a yeasty top note. Soft and yet fairly dry in the mouth, this shows some lovely bright raspberry and cherry fruit with a bright citrus and sour cherry-toned, moderately long finish. 87pts

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Rotari Rosé (Trento)


Small red fruits on the nose show a dusty, dusky edge to them, with floral notes and low herbal elements. Rather soft in the mouth with a fine mousse, this offers some exotic quince and persimmon notes over the base of lightly raspberry-toned apple fruit. Very clear and clean, with fine balance and a cleansing finish. 87pts


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